Terms and Conditions

This promotional vacation offer is open to any credit-worthy, U.S. Citizens of legal contract age who can demonstrate an annual household income of $50,000 or more. If married or cohabitating, couples must travel together to acknowledge receipt of the benefits of this promotional vacation. Current employees of the companies involved in this promotion and anyone visiting a Vacation Village Resort as a result of a promotional vacation offer within the past 12 months are not eligible to participate in this promotion. This offer to sell promotional vacation packages may be withdrawn by sponsor at any time. All packages properly registered to users will be honored for travel through the actual expiration date of the individual package.

Participants in this promotion may be offered an opportunity to receive additional valuable incentives in exchange for participating in a guided tour of a Vacation Village Resort property conducted for the purpose of introducing the travelers to the benefits of vacation ownership. There is no obligation on the sponsor’s part to make such an offer to users and no obligation on the user’s part to accept any offer that may be made by sponsor.

This promotional vacation is sponsored by Always Travel With Us, Inc. in conjunction with Vacation Village Resorts and their properties Vacation Village at Weston in Weston, Florida (Berkley Vacation Resorts, Inc.), Vacation Village at Parkway in Orlando, Florida (Lando Resorts Corp.) and The Grandview at Las Vegas, a Vacation Village Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada (Eldorado Resorts Corp.). Fort Lauderdale Travel Bureau and Orlando Travel Bureau are registered fictitious names for Always Travel With Us, Inc.